Enhancing quality of life and dignity for those we service

Welcome to SHC Medical Partners

SHC Medical Partners is a world-class medical provider organization bringing evidence-based and personalized patient centered care to those served. Our unique vision inspires our providers to achieve excellence in their practice and ensure that each healthcare decision is based on real-time evidence and caters to the individual patients needs. A live dashboard provides outcome data on provider performance and their impact on patient care and hospital prevention.

Effective care that can maximize welllness and health for our patients requires true collboration between disciplines and seamless communication among professionals across various health settings. Our team has extensive experience in utilizing interdisciplinary tools and processes to assure that we provide best transitions and maximize quality of care for patients and residents in any setting they reside.

Our dedicated medical provider team offers the full spectrum of medical services including primary care, chronic disease management, urgent and emergency care, and rehabilitation. Our provideres specially focus on key care issues such as medication appropriateness, advance care planning, patient and family education and prevention strategies.

We provide care at the patient’s place of need, including:

  • Skilled Nursing Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Patients’ Home

Our provider force is trained under the guidance of nationally recognized geriatric leaders and is equipped to provide cutting-edge comprehensive geriatric and urgent care. With our team you can rest assure that patients will receive the most holistic care in collboration with all disciplines at all levels of care.

Our dedicated and compassionate team is committed to building a trusting and rewarding relationship with those we care for by offering our unparalleled ethical services with integrity and serving with humility.

SHC Medical Partners team not only provides a medical service but builds a true partnership to empower patients and families to attain the best possible outcomes for health and life quality!