SHC Medical Partners

SHC Medical Partners is a supportive and educational place to work. Even though we are located across 10 states, it still feels like a team. I have felt so much support regarding documentation, COVID protocols, and overall continuing education. They provide a flexible work environment that puts the care of the patient first!

Caroline Mauldin, NP

Working with SHC Medical Partners has been such a blessing. I came in not knowing exactly what to expect, but have felt nothing but support, encouragement and success since beginning my journey. The resources made available are invaluable. I have never felt this level of support and value of education in any place I have ever worked before.

Piper Hammond, NP

SHC Medical Partners allows me the independence, flexibility, and continued learning to make a difference in the life of geriatric patients through proactive care such as deprescribing unneeded medications and early interventions to avoid hospitalizations. It is great to work with so many other people who are passionate about geriatrics and education.  

— Vicky Moore, NP

I have been a nurse for 22 years and a nurse practitioner for 15 of those years. I have found the team at SHC Medical Partners to be compassionate, encouraging, and wise — from the top of management all the way across the board. The decisions they have made and continue to make prove that they are committed to my professional development and, more importantly, to the safety, comfort, and welfare of my patients.

-Marcus Norris, ANP

When I started with SHC Medical Partners I had a great team that helped me grow and learn as I began as a nurse practitioner. I continue to be surrounded by a supportive team of professionals who provide me with the tools and resources I need to succeed in my job. I’m very thankful.

Laila Hubard, NP

When I started with SHC Medical Partners, I was fresh out of school with no job experience and nervous about my new adventure. I have now been a nurse practitioner for two years and couldn’t love my job and experience more! I was welcomed with open arms by management, and continue to have so much support.

– Kris Smith, NP

I serve with a non-profit organization that sends medical mission teams to areas of the world with little to no healthcare. I am grateful to work for a company that allows me the flexibility to be a part of meaningful volunteer work!

– Daniel Jones, PA

My first year has gone by in a flash. I honestly could not be more thankful that I landed in this position. You know you are blessed each day when you look forward to going into your job. Thank you to everyone and for the opportunity for continued growth! Here’s to many more! 

Stacey Buckner, NP