SHC Medical Partners
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Signature HealthCARE is a key partner in a national initiative of AMDA’s Society of Post-Acute and Long-term Care: Drive to Deprescribe (D2D), a polypharmacy optimization and deprescribing program.

The issue of polypharmacy and inappropriate medication use in post-acute and long-term care (PALTC) has been an ongoing concern. The PALTC setting has one of the highest polypharmacy rates, which increases the risk for adverse events and drug interactions.

To make sure that Signature is at the forefront of results form this initiative among the 4500 nursing homes that are part of this initiative, Sinature has developed its own program – the Siggy500.

This program will bring together directors of nursing, nurse practitioners, regional nurse consultants and pharmacy consultants as team members to work for medication optimization and deprescribing. Monthly dashboards will be used to review progress and to show what impact has been made.