Facility Staff Model

Facility Staff Model at SHC Medical Partners

Our staff model integrates a nurse practitioner or physician assistant on site at your location. We provide consistent and evidence-based medical services at the point of care. We are committed to excellence and proud to bring personalized medical services to our clients and those we serve.   Our care deliver model enable patients to achieve their optimal health outcomes with independence and dignity.

Our committed provider team work parallel with all healthcare disciplines to improve patients outcomes by offering complement care including:

We provide a full spectrum of evidence-based medical service delivery including:

  • Acute and chronic care management
  • Polypharmacy management
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Specialty services such as wound care, diabetes, etc.
  • Quality measures management, such as weight loss, falls, and infections
  • Return to hospital root cause analysis
  • Shared on call coverage
  • Oversight of Part D authorization
  • Quality outcome metrics
  • Improved patient and staff satisfaction
  • Coordination in transitions of care to assure continuity of care
  • Assistance with compliance of state and federal regulatory guidelines

Additional services are available through our Menu of Services:

  • Staff Education
  • QA and Risk Management
  • On-Call coverage
  • On-site or Off-site primary care office – for Stakeholder Wellness, Resident/Family care
  • Telehealth
  • Care Coordination Program

SHC Medical Partners instills a culture of excellence through our guiding values of – compassion, respect, integrity, collaboration, stewardship and humility!