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SHC Medical Partners 2017 Conference

SHC Medical Partners presents: The Story of Joan and Jack

Joan is a retired teacher and loves to knit and cook. Her arthritis and neuropathy have posed challenges but her medications, exercise regimen and the support of her husband have helped her continue to pursue her hobbies. When not busy with cooking, Joan loves to spend time with her husband Jack. Jack is limited in his abilities due to his chronic lung disease and heart failure. His wife assures that Jack stays away from his beloved fried chicken and gets enough exercise. Now married for 49 years, they look forward to their “golden” anniversary. As their next door neighbor Jim put it, “they may be old but they are still colorful – a portrait of happiness!”

Delivery of effective Geriatric care requires high levels of expertise in many domains. Our elders in the post-acute and long-term care settings are heterogeneous individuals with specific preferences and needs. It is a setting where algorithms and evidence based guidelines go only that far in achieving care that is perceived to be high-quality by the patients.

The provision of effective, person-centered care is an art and is similar to painting a beautiful portrait. Where an artist carefully plans her artwork on a canvas, skilled geriatric practitioners formulate detailed plan to assure that their patients receive all the key elements of care. This cautious implementation of high quality care gets harder around transitions and in long-term settings where many communication and cognition challenges may obstruct good-care.

SHC Medical Partners is excited to bring to you the nation’s first Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant conference that will focus on the art of proactive, evidence-based and patient-centered care in the post-acute and long-term care setting. Instead of mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations, the conference will utilize actors, role plays and skill labs to impart highest-level of learning. Onsite evaluations will provide learners the feedback loops to see their growth as they attend very engaging sessions. We guarantee you that this conference will feel like a trip to an art-gallery and will impart key learning principles that will assure that learners will implement high-value behaviors in their practices.

We invite you to this unique opportunity to learn with peers and friends in a colorful, warm and exciting environment. Highly respected and trained geriatricians from various academic settings are ready to provide the highest quality of practical learning.

SHC Medical Partners 2017 Conference

Arif Nazir, MD, CMD, Chair
Penny S. Logan, MSN, MBA, APRN, Co-Chair
Dana Boren, MA, Conference Coordinator

Conference Faculty

  • Kristi Lieb, MD, CMD
  • Angela Hackman, MD, CMD
  • Laura Morton, MD, CMD
  • Rangaraj Gopalraj, MD, PhD
  • Josephine Gomes, MD
  • Daniela Neamtu, MD
  • Monica Teagler, MD
  • Kathy Rathke, MBA, MSN, AGNP-C
Guest Speaker

Eileen O’Neill Estes

SHC Medical Partners 2017 Conference Schedule